Nearest Grocery Store: Peninsula Market
-don’t let the size fool you, they having an amazing variety of food stuffs stocked
-deli counter for sandwiches on the go
-large selection of wines
-fresh meats
-an attached coffee bar with free WiFi
-and don’t forget to tell Wally and/or Chris we said “Hello”, they’re  nice folk and lots of help.


In Chester,  about 5 miles away, is Holiday Food, a full service, grocery store. There’s a loyalty card on the renter’s key ring... please don’t hesitate to use it.

Prices are competitive (compared to home) at either place so instead of packing a bunch of stuff from home to bring with you, consider buying it when you get here, its easier and helps to support our local merchants. In addition we have a fairly well stocked kitchen and are on the “honor system”(if you use the last of it, please replace it). So you might wanna wait till you get up hereand check out the frig  before you go shopping....otherwise we end up with 3 bottles of mustard and 4 of ketchup !


Peninsula Market will even deliver. So consider giving them a call (530-596-3500) and ordering the basics before you arrive, they’ll have them waiting for you when you get there...especially handy if you plan to arrive later in the evening.

Our Humble Restaurant Reviews:
Happy Garden Chinese Food....surprisingly good Chinese food in the middle of the forrest and reasonable prices.

Mi Casita.....good food, big variety, good margaritas ; haven’t tried breakfast yet

Tantardino’s, pasta and sandwiches. Mini to large pizzas....with a big variety of toppings. And thin, thick or extra thick crust !!!! Good food, great prices. Super for the whole family. Fun bar and great people ! 

Red Onion Grill....a little more formal and obviously a bit more $$; have only been there once so far  and had a nice meal. OK been there a second time now, food good as before; plan for a leisurely meal.
6/2012 -now moved to the Peninsula; great deck! 

Old Mill Cafe.....a bit farther away (Westwood) but great breakfast...try the HUGE homemade cinnamon roll....YUM !!. As a matter of fact , a whole selection of fresh backed goods

Peninsula Grill....probably the nicest place for fine dining. A nice selection of fresh fish . Thursday is Sushi night......05/2013 - unfortunately now closed :( 

Bobby Roma’s.... now closed (BUMMER); Luciano’s ( Italian) has moved in;  same owner, they have closed their larger place on the peninsula next to the market. Update Jan 2014 - no Luciano’s closed...stay tuned.

Frosty Pine amazing variety of shakes....and haven’t had one yet that wasn’t great ! A selection of other frozen confections as dogs and burgers too

Main Street Dinner House.....located in Greenville about a 30 min drive ( depending on how you drive) A quaint place with nightly specials; Friday night is Fish Fry, Sat is Prime Rib and Sun is Fried Chicken. We had Surf and Turf and it was very good and prices were reasonable. Our neighbors rave about the fried chicken...we’ll happily  try it out. Its located across the street from Anna’s Cafe, well known for its breakfasts ..haven’t been there yet  stay tuned.