How Things Work

TV - 1 in the living room  ( 42 “ hi-def), 1 in the master bedroom and 1 in 3rd bedroom downstairs. The LR TV must be on channel 3 , the Master BR on channel 73 and the  third downstairs BR on channel 3 in order to get a picture.

VCR/DVD combo (Living Room) - Push the “source” button the  TV remote (Samsung) to “Component 1/DVD” and push the round button in the middle of the remote with a box and an arrow into it to select. For sound controls see below under “Remotes”. Feel free to use one our DVDs (we have 139 of them).

Satellite Box - we have DISH TV; There’s a channel and trouble shooting guide in the top drawer of the table between the 2 reclining chairs in the living room. But probably the easiest way to see what’s on is to just use the “Guide” button on the remote. If you would like to order a movie(PPV)  you can do it from the TV. They will bill us and we will let you know the fee ( or you can just send us a check :)

Game Cube - is located in the armoire downstairs; to use it, turn off the satellite box, turn on the game cube and change the “input” on TV to “AV” then sit back in a beanbag chair and enjoy. Games are located in the drawer below the console.(For regular DVD use, turn off the game cube and change the “input” on the TV remote to “S-video”) To return to watching TV, make sure the Game Cube ( & DVD)  is turned off, the satellite box is on and TV input is set to “HDMI” and the TV on channel 13.

Remotes - pretty basic; used to power on and off all the components and to change channels, adjust volume.  The Dish remote turns on the TV and satellite box and controls the sound on the TV itself. If you want to use the surround sound speakers , turn on the RCA receiver, set the source button to “TV/OPT” to use all the speakers to watch TV or use source “DVD” to watch a DVD in surround sound. To use an MP3 player (ipod) thru the surround sound speakers, select “CD” on the RCA receiver using the source button. The Satellite remotes are have labels on the back.

Outside speakers - there is an AB switch box on top of the RCA receiver. To be able to use inside and outside speaker independently first turn off the surround sound on the RCA receiver (top button on the right). Set Source ( buttons on the far left) to “TV/OPT”.....for sound from the TV, “CD/ANL” for music from the MP3 jack. Radio doesn’t get good reception and can not be used with each set of speakers independently.  Then push #1 for the inside speakers and #2 for the outside speakers; you can use both together (then the source setting doesn’t matter so much), but please be considerate of our neighbors when using the outside speakers.

Electric Wall Heaters - they work but please be careful they get very HOT and will set things that are to close to them on fire ( we have the bath towels to prove it !) And please make sure they are completely turned off before you leave. P.S. -the baseboard heaters in the living room don’t work. ADDENDUM: well the wall heaters no longer work ( after a fire in Sept 2010) except for the two in the bathroom but please, please ,please be careful with them and don’t forget to turn them off when you leave the rooms. Oh yea, and there aren’t any baseboard heaters any more.

Heater Thermostat - adjust as needed to maintain a comfortable temp for you. Please turn it down to 40 degrees when you leave. P.S. - no central air; despite what the thermostat might tell you - not really needed, the house is well shaded and we have lots of fans.

Fireplace - help yourself to a nice fire, just make sure you open the flue. In the winter, we have an insert that helps to blow warm air into the living room. The insert has a fan that MUST be on for any fire ( or the fan will overheat & can be destroyed). There is a “speed control” on the fan’s cord.

Trash Day - is on Monday; if you are here Sunday night please take the can up the driveway and leave curbside, they can come pretty early on Monday AM. The Country Club “requests” that the cans be remove from the street within 24 hours. Use the attached bungee cord to keep “visitors” from making a beautiful mess on the street by AM.  From beginning of October to around mid May, you’ll need to attach a “tag” to the cans in order for them to be picked up by the trash collectors. The tags are located in the far right drawer of the china hutch.  If you need an extra trash pick-up during your week, you can call Feather River Waste Management (530-283-2065) give them our address and they will make an extra pick-up for a small fee (about  $7) or you can go to the nearby trash collection site (see below) for a similar cost for our 2 cans.

Recycling - trash collection at the lake doesn’t separate recyclables, but if you’d like to recycle you can take your recyclables to the local collection site for free (trash costs but recycling is free). It’s located at the corner of A13 and Hwy. 36, about 5 miles from the house.

Washer/Dryer - feel free to use as needed during your stay; the dryer probably takes a little longer than your accustomed to. Upon departure, it would help greatly if you’d put any dirty towels (etc) in the washer and start it.....especially if you have used our sheets ! It’s also advised that you spread out your loads of laundry ( who really wants to do laundry on vacation ?) makes it easier on the septic system (see below)

Septic Tank -its a septic tank, need we say more; ONLY toilet paper in the toilets please. No kleenex,diapers,feminine products (nor masculine products), Q-tips.....etc. The disposal in the kitchen works well. And water straight from the tap is safe and tastes GREAT! NOVEMBER 2014  UPDATE: We had the septic tank pumped and found MANY WIPES - PLEASE AVOID THROWING THEM IN THE TOILETS (they don’t tend to biodegrade least in under 100+ yrs)

Electronic Gate Card (+Replacement Fee) - there will be a gate card for you to use during your stay but please make sure you leave it when you go as there is a $75 fee to replace it. The cards work for both the Clifford Gate and the Peninsula Gate.

Propane BBQ - the igniter does not work; so to start the fire, turn on the gas at the tank and turn the knob for the right burner to “preheat” then quickly use a lighter, close to the element. And of course when you’re done , please don’t forget to turn it off at the tank. We have two tanks, if you run out you can get refills at several places in Chester. If unable , please let us know so we can make arrangements to get a tank filled or at least so we can at least give the next renters a “heads up”. P.S. - those are ceramic briquettes in there which means: #1 - no need to add charcoal #2 - please don’t throw them out thinking that they are used charcoal (its happened at least twice :)

House Utilities - All utilities (propane,electric,water, phone and satellite TV) are left on at all time. The electrical breaker box is on the south side of the house. Water shut off (for emergencies ONLY) is located at the south-east corner of the house. The handle to turnoff the water is located near-by.

Baby Gates - Ok not actually hard to figure out how they work but it did seem like an explanation of what they are for was appropriate. The intention was for them to be used when infants or small children are present, to block off the stairs and the open banister at the top of the stairs. They’re located in the closet by the front door.

Whole House Back-up Generator - most useful in the winter but sometimes comes in handy during summer storms as well; powerful enough to run most of the major home appliances - probably don’t want to run the washer and dryer at the same time as the oven however. Has a auto transfer switch so nothing for you to do if you lose power, just wait about 3 mins and it will turn on automatically. Oh and you might hear it come on when there is no power’s a “self test”, happens monthly and only stays on for about 10 mins 

Ok I think that covers most of the important stuff !